San Bernardino shooting: Couple radicalized before they met, FBI says

ISIS, the extremist group currently in control of vast swathes of Iraq and Syria, has been ruthlessly adept at recruiting followers via social media, encouraging them to either join the group in the Middle East or commit acts of terror at home. The problem is, despite its Whac-a-Mole—style social-media tactics, everyone can see what ISIS is doing on a public network—and according to the director of the F. In an interview with the Huffington Post, F. Among the recent terrorism cases that pointed to Twitter, the feds brought criminal charges against Ali Shukri Amin, a year-old from Virginia who operated the Twitter account AmreekiWitness, simply for sending certain tweets. Hamza Ahmed, 19, was indicted earlier this year for lying to federal agents about his travel plans and about how well he knew someone who had traveled to Syria. Bilal Abood, 37, was arrested in May and charged with making a false statement to the FBI, in part about his Twitter activity. Abood allegedly denied pledging obedience.

ISIS in our own backyard: Group’s U.S. followers are diverse, in places large and small

With the ever-evolving terrorism threat landscape, communication between law enforcement entities is more crucial than ever. Homeland security and law enforcement professionals have taken notice of the rise in activity by white supremacist extremists. Individuals and groups following this ideology have cited the concept of accelerationism to justify their actions and evolved their tactics to include posting manifestos and livestreaming their attacks.

The arrest of a Camden County man accused of directing others in a neo-Nazi network to vandalize synagogues, the sentencing of a Sussex County man obsessed with Nazis and mass shootings, and a doubling of recruitment efforts through flyering are examples of acts intended to intimidate, inspire, and network in New Jersey. NJOHSP increased the threat posed by white supremacist extremists from moderate to high in , joining them with homegrown violent extremists HVEs inspired by foreign terrorist organizations as the most persistent hostile actors across the State.

Join our analysts in the final episode of the Terrorism Threat Assessment series as they break down what prompted the rise in threat level for white supremacist extremists and what to expect from them and HVEs this year in New Jersey and throughout the United States.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, F.B.I. director James Comey said that while ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ Cast Teaches You Dating Slang.

According to news reports, an undercover FBI agent had been in communication over social media with one of the terrorists, Elton Simpson, in the weeks leading up to the terrorist attack. The day of the attack, the agent was in a car directly behind Simpson and his associate, Nadir Soofi, near a police checkpoint. The agent was taking photos of the terrorists just before the shooting began. A local police officer fatally shot both terrorists.

Despite the communications between the agent and Simpson, as well as court filings and news reports that reveal the agent was present at the scene during the attack, Comey told reporters in the days following the attack that the FBI had no reason to believe that Simpson intended to attack the event and was unaware of any plans to travel to Garland.

I write regarding newly revealed information about the attempted terrorist attack in Garland, Texas. A CBS 60 Minutes segment that aired on March 26, , revealed that an undercover FBI agent who had been communicating with one of the terrorists just weeks before the attack, had travelled to Garland, was present at the scene of the attack, and took photos of the terrorists moments before the attack. This revelation also contradicts information you reportedly provided in to Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson.

FBI Raids Home of Suspected ISIS Supporter in Virginia

Hannah Allam. Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, of Eagan, Minn. When year-old Abdirizak Warsame came home from prison over the summer, his family welcomed him with his favorite foods and long talks with the siblings he hadn’t seen in three years.

FBI Director James Comey said that once ISIS’ self-styled caliphate is “crushed,” terrorists will stream out of the region.

These are external links and will open in a new window. ISIS is now fighting on two fronts. It is making major gains in northern and western Iraq, and trying to take over a far larger portion of the rebel-held areas in Syria at the same time. Its stated goal is to create a broader Islamic caliphate, but it already faces serious challenges in Syria from the al-Nusra Front and other rebel forces, and it has not shown it can make serious gains against President Bashar al-Assad’s Hezbollah- and Iranian-backed forces.

It would threaten a key oil exporter, directly challenge Iran, and challenge the key southern Gulf states, possibly uniting states that otherwise are de facto enemies. Oil is simply too important to let ISIS seize all of Iraq, although creating any kind of unified front or rapid effective resistance to this level of ISIS gains does not seem likely. What could be far more difficult, however, is preventing ISIS from creating at least a temporary enclave in western and northern Iraq and some parts of eastern and north-eastern Syria.

Part of Syria is already a power vacuum that President Assad seems willing to let fester and contain, at least until he can control all of Syria’s major cities and the centre of the country. It instead exploited a level of Sunni anger and resentment that has grown steadily with each act of repression and growing authoritarianism since the election.

Mr Maliki’s suppression of peaceful protests, attacks on key Sunni political figures, failures to share the nation’s oil wealth, and alleged corruption all combined to recreate Sunni anger and support for armed resistance, as did the failure to hire the former Sons of Iraq – Sunni militias working with the US – and show respect for Sunni tribal leaders. The police and army were allowed to sell positions and promotions while commanders were by-passed and Maliki loyalists given key roles.

Corruption grew in the use of funds by the prime minister’s office – a prime minister that tried to be the minister of both defence and the interior while steadily manipulating the justice system. This led to rising violence and casualties in and , and a serious shift back towards civil war in , long before ISIS first attacked Falluja and Ramadi in late The US-trained force lost unity, morale, leadership, and effectiveness.

ISIS Actively ‘Recruits’ Girls And Women Online

Duncan had recently traveled to Turkey with his wife, but was deported to the United States, according to the affidavit. Efforts to reach Duncan or a representative of his for comment over the weekend were unsuccessful. The affidavit alleges an unnamed co-conspirator told the FBI in July that Duncan had connected with her on social media and expressed an interest in joining ISIS and conducting a terrorist attack in the United States; he also asked her to travel to Syria with him and his wife, but she declined, the document says.

The “catch-up” relief payments will go to those people whose initial Economic Impact Payment under the CARES Act was diverted to pay their spouse’s past-due child support. Skip to content. This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated.

Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity: The FBI’s Collaboration with NJOHSP and the ROIC Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a US Special Operations Forces raid in October, ISIS is Egyptian hieroglyphics describe voyages to foreign lands dating to B.C.

The Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham ISIS is attempting to obtain money from organ harvesting, including from its own injured members, captives, and deceased individuals. Identification, prevention, and interdiction of organ harvesting and trafficking is a highly complex issue which may be effectively addressed through international partnerships among governmental, health, law enforcement, legal, and private-sector entities. We judge with moderate confidence, the high demand for organs and large numbers being harvested abroad probably will entice overseas-based criminal organizations, smuggling networks, and organ brokers to collude either wittingly or unwittingly with ISIS to sell organs on the black market for financial gain.

Because of limited reporting, we do not know if Westerners are illegally purchasing organs or receiving transplants from criminal networks which have partnered with terrorists or directly from ISIS or their affiliates. A specialized mafia is engaged in these operations, in addition to medical institutions working in other countries, according to open-source information.

FBI warns ISIS fighters could flow into Western nations as group loses ground in Syria, Iraq

Photograph by Antonio Olmos. Fri 8 Jun S ome American teenagers dream of a glamorous career in the FBI, a chance to shoot guns and catch criminals, but the idea had not occurred to Ali Soufan.

Omar Mateen was put on an F.B.I. watch list after making Monday that the F.B.I. was looking at reports that Mr. Mateen had used a gay dating app, by F.B.I., Orlando Killer Exposes Gaps in Fighting ISIS-Inspired Acts. Order.

Director Christopher Wray says far-right and racially motivated terror attacks are ‘national threat priority’. America’s greatest domestic terror threat stems from racially and ethnically motivated extremists, following a record high in hate-motivated attacks and the rise of neo-Nazi and white supremacist violence now formally recognised by the FBI as significant a threat to the US as terror groups abroad.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that the threat of far-right domestic violent extremism has risen to a “national threat priority” for , posing a “steady threat of violence and economic harm” to the US while its underlying drivers — including “perceptions of government or law enforcement overreach, socio-political conditions, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and reactions to legislative actions” — persist.

Mr Wray said the FBI is “most concerned about lone offender attacks”, which have “served as the dominant lethal mode” for domestic terror incidents. In , the FBI made domestic terrorism arrests, on pace with the number of arrests it made for international terrorism. Racism and hate-driven ideologies were the driving forces behind most of the ideologically motivated killings and violence in the US in and , and were the most lethal of all domestic extremism movements over the last 20 years.

How Two Mississippi College Students Fell in Love and Decided to Join a Terrorist Group

Clair County Circuit Court ordered him to be released from jail and into his father’s custody. Clair County Circuit Court found Peyton not guilty by reason of mental defect. The court remanded him to a state mental-health facility to receive a Least Restrictive Environment recommendation. According to his lawyer, Peyton will either be confined to a state hospital, placed in a mental-health group home, or be released to go home—possibly with stipulations. His defense team plans to then push for acquittal.

The two started dating in November ; she converted just a few months The FBI closely monitors online communities that discuss ISIS.

FBI officials last week arrested a Russian computer security researcher on suspicion of operating deer. Kirill V. Firsov was arrested Mar. Kennedy Airport, according to court documents unsealed Monday. Prosecutors with the U. Click image to enlarge. The indictment against Firsov says deer. For example, one early adopter of deer. Previous tweets from that account indicate Firsov made a name for himself after discovering a number of serious security flaws in Telegram, a popular cross-platform messaging application.

In , Isis would post to Antichat a detailed writeup on how he was able to win a PHDays hacking competition translated thread here. In another thread from June , an Antichat user asks if anyone has heard from Isis recently, and Isis pops up a day later to inquire what he wants.

American ISIS Wannabe Nabbed in Elaborate Sting, FBI Says